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South African Food Market offering local Grass Fed Beef, Organic Chicken and Eggs, Gourmet Cheeses, Fresh Seafood, Fresh Soups, Chowders, prepared take out meals, Specialty Wines, Craft Beer and more.

Fresh Market Island Deli Case

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We stock a great selection of Gourmet Cheeses, Fresh soups, Chowders, and freshly prepared take out meals. Plus Grass Fed Hanger Steak, Outside Skirt Steak and Picanha Brazilian /Top Sirloin Cap, Rack of Lamb, and Leg of Lamb in addition to all of our other great meats!

  • Clean

    All of our freshly prepared take out meals and specialty foods are made with a love for great cuisine.

  • Fresh

    We go to great lengths to aquire fresh local produce, grass fed meats, and locally caught seafood.

  • Organic

    Great selection of Organic Foods, Meats, and Produce

Deli Case Grass and Pasture Raised Meats

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Grass Fed Meats

New York Strip steaks, Ribeye steaks, Filet Mignon/Tenderloin, Rack of Lamb and Leg of Lamb all in stock , grass fed and some prime cuts as well. Picanha which is a Brazilian Cut Top Sirloin Roast, Grass Fed Burger Patties. We can get any cuts of meat requested.

All meats are fresh, never frozen and cut to customer preference.  Our famous South African Beef Jerky
is made fresh, shaved here and is Nitrate Free!!

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Imported Cheese Selection


Cheeses from all around the world…from Canadian Black Diamond Cheddar to German ButterKase and Cambozala Brie with Blue Cheese, French Brie, and French Le Roule. English cheeses such as Excalibur, Red Dragon and Cotswold, Spanish Ponce de Leon Manchego, American Point Reyes Blue, Wisconsin Blue Irish Cahill with Port Wine and Irish Cheddar. Italian Parmesans. Many delicious Pates.

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Reds, Whites, Champagne

Come and view out our selection of delicious imported wines from South Africa and other select regions.

Fresh Baked Breads

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Fresh Baked Breads, Pies, & Desserts

Baking French baguettes, Rustic Garlic Loaf, Olive Oil Rosemary Loaf, French Hamburger buns and demi baguettes. Stock a variety of desserts (not baking them fresh) Banna Chocolate Swirl Cake, Rustic Apple Tart, Key West Key Lime Pie.

110 Anastasia Blvd. Suite A, St. Augustine, FL 32080


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